As a response to the devastating fires in the west coast, oil spills in the ocean, the deforestation of the tropical rainforest, the lockdown and my own personal losses, I started to walk in the forest and make offerings. 

I choose a radius that I can access by foot, I make offerings by drawing in the air or on the ground impermanent marks made with stones, mud, ice and branches. In these sites, I play Pre-Colombian instruments that serve as sonic prayers. The way I draw was instill in me by my elder Mama Matilde to whom I pay homage in this work, with this year long piece of walking and sounding in the land.

Acknowledging the violent perpetrations that have been made in this land, and knowing that what is born in the world is intrinsically in relation to all of us, I make offerings that seek balance and act as beacon of resilience and memory. I am interested in the side of history that pays reverence to the stories passed down by lived experiences, by bodies in direct relation to the land, and the wisdom of other living beings. 

I aim to give offerings that open the conversation to ways in which we can heal together communally and continuously.

 Offering is animated prayer

Offering is folk ontology

Offering renews our vows to the earth.

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