Calling song, 59secs

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Triple serpent flute, 35secs

_34A8830 copy

Nasal Flute (Female turkey meeting).

Spring Cleaning (Conversations with my godfather), 3:5mins.

_34A8878 copy

Blue frog motif with two whistles used in Calling Song performance


Wayra shungu, 2:22mins

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All videos: Wayra shungu, 2:22mins, Calling song, 59secs, Spring Cleaning (Conversations with my godfather), 3:5mins, Nasal Flute (Female turkey meeting), .59secs, Triple serpent, 35secs, rattle, 22secs.

I re-construct pre-Columbian instruments that have been locked away in museums, reclaiming their sounds and sovereignty. Through this act, my body becomes a vessel for the most primal creative force. I perform so that we may reaffirm our connection to the earth. To adorn these instruments and to turn them into ceremonial objects, I use achiote, mango leaves, shells, tobacco string, and iridescent pigment that reminds me of the coast of Ecuador, the ancestral homelands of my ancestors who played these instruments. My work is the past and future conjugated in the present. By reclaiming we remember, by remembering we are restored.