Series of drawings, that I turned into rubber stamps and wallet size cards for the community.

Meditating on personal and environmental distress



Series of drawings create to become wallet size cards for the community. Meditating on personal and environmental distress.



Master of Temperance


community work is spiritual work


Flor y canto. 

The same force that gave shape to the universe is the same force, which resides within us.


Guardiana of the wildfires.

We pay respect to elders past and present stewards of the land from time out of mind.    We pay respect to all the creatures and life forms that have also suffered from the disruptive forces of capitalism and colonialism. We join you in the resistance against this ecological emergency and call upon the weavers of the land and sky to make a new tapestry for us to follow.


Fox on my knees, finding the way a place wants to be love.

Finding how a place wants to be love,

Go sit,

Place your focus on the negative space of the land you want to get to know

with time, this desaturation opens up your sight

everything surrenders to the rain, clouds, wind, becoming one continuous rhythm

still water is relfection, water in motion is reflection too

When this is known, we will feel the ancient power of the land to heal.  


A viramundo, guardian of the crossroads

The codificator of potentiality, and its indispensable tool: choice.


Coming to terms with reality

The journey is to fill your belly with the unknown.

You are meant to be here in this time. 




my mother and I went digging for clay,

we found red clay,

Her and I painted our lips with it and she called an encantation,

so we would go from one reality to the next,

in the back of a Qinkiwa.

Tend to your dreams

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Protectress of the waters

There is not an ocean that does not know my name, this is true for me as it is true for you.

Water always remembers.

There is no spiritual work without community work, no inner silent without a robust engagement with the world. A world that needs every ounce of our attention and care, I do not believe that we can heal the earth, but heal with her. I am thinking about talismans as inner cosmological totemic structures, and how they act as codificators of potentiality and revelation. Holding the paradox, narrowing the gaps of displacement, the words we use are our power and encanto, this is also true for what we create and how we interact with the world. I am often thinking about things that are precious to me, however, if you are awake, you know the world is in pain.  I created this series of amuletos as a way to connect us to what we need and remind each other that collective pain is personal and that we have the tools to imagine realities that are nourished, healing communally is the antidote of oppression.


4x2.5" cards